How much does Match Affinity Cost?

The latest Match Affinity costs for 2011 in the UK. Prices updated September 2011.

MatchAffinity Costs 2011 £UK
Period Package Monthly Cost Billing Type
3 Months Basic £34.90 1 instalment £104.70
6 Months 6Mth 37% Discount £21.90 1 instalment £131.40
12 Months 12Mth 57% Discount £14.90 1 instalment £178.80
Or 3 instalments £59.60
Price discounts shown are relative to the 2011 basic plan costs.

Free to register

Register for free at After registration you will be able to:

  • View your list of suggested matches.
  • View your compatibility score with other members.
  • View your personality report.

Member benefits

After subscribing, you can:

  • Send & receive unlimited messages.
  • Allow other members to show you their photos.
  • Access relationship coaching and advice by telephone.

General Advice

Be aware that all subscriptions paid by card are automatically renewed unless you cancel the auto renewal via your ‘My subscription’ page, by following the instructions given there. Finding a highly compatible match often takes time and the longer subscription packages offer substantially lower monthly costs, so consider these carefully.

Where now?

8 thoughts on “How much does Match Affinity Cost?

    • Hi, the 1 month ‘rolling’ special subscription offer you mention is currently only available to members whose subscriptions are due to expire. To cancel the automatic renewal of subscriptions match affinity members have to call the help number that can be found by working through the ‘frequently asked questions’ help section. When you call to do so, you may be offered a ‘special’ offer of £14.99 per month rolling billing.

      I shall attempt to make this as clear as possible for you, although it’s a challenge! If ( as a member ) you do not cancel the automatic renewal ( before the subscription ends ) then you will automatically be charged for the same subscription period you chose when you joined ( 3,6 or 12 months ) when your initial subscription period ends. If you do cancel the automatic renewal and accept thier offer of £14.99 per month rolling billing then this will automatically be billed to your card every month after your initial subscription period ends.

      Accepting the £14.99 offer makes sense if you intend to stop using the site within a few months. The 12 month subscription currently works out at £9.90 per month and so is much better value over this longer time frame.

      If however your subscription has already ended and you aren’t sure if the offer is still available it’s best to give them a call on the free phone number previously mentioned and see what they say.

      Hope this helps!

  1. emails saying you have “fans” who are not actually there

    and the searches are only good if you live in a city. they don’t refund u iand the customer service is none existent

    • Hey Lp, your comment is a little off topic but will ride with it because it clearly demonstrates why it’s worth reading through the advice articles here on

      Fans who ‘aren’t there’ – these are normally scam profiles. You could not view them because they were removed by the dating sites as soon as they spotted them. This is a good sign!

      Searches only good in cities – we have to agree with you there. Searches are always better in high density areas. That applies to all sites though.

      To be fair, refunds of dating site costs are normally handled within the ‘small print rules’ – but most people don’t read them. If you have been unfairly dealt with, let us know the details.

      We tested the customer service response at matchaffinity a few weeks ago. We cancelled recurring subscription costs via the site and then terminated it by phone without any problems.

      Dating Savvy.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m new to matchaffinity, and have not yet upgraded to membership. Is it possible for me to see inbox messages from other people unless I’ve upgraded from the free trial, or do I have a limit to how many personal messages I receive before I need to upgrade?

  3. The 0800 358 0847 telephone number given in a previous answer does not work!! it seems to be disconnected?
    I need to contact their customer services by telephone, urgently (I agree with a former contributor, their Customer Services does seem to be non existent!?)
    The problem that I have is: I registered myself on the site only to find that their system thought that I was a woman, while in fact I am a heterosexual man! I was able to get to speak to someone on their credit card telephone line who told me that the only solution was to delete my profile, and then re register from scratch. following this advice, I now find that I cannot now re-register, because the system tells me that my user name and e-mail address is already in use on their site? However when I try and log in using my user name/e-mail address & password to enable me to double check that I have indeed deleted my original account, the system tells me that it does not recognise my user name or my e-mail address???? so I am now completely f….lumuxed! . I have tried to e-mail them but without any success??? and cannot now find any contact telephone number whatsoever!!! can anybody help?

    • Hi, yes you are correct, the 24/7 freephone subscription helpline seems to have been withdrawn! The official line is now:

      “You can pay for your MatchAffinity subscription by credit card or debit card either online from the site or by calling our payments team on 020 305 96 493. Calls from a BT landline are normally charged at 10p per minute. Calls from mobile phones will vary. Lines are open from Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm for all subscription queries.”

      The standard method of contact is now through the FAQ; home page, left hand side, ‘frequently asked questions’. You must browse through the likely answers before finding the link to send them a message which is normally the last option. We did test it and found it to be very poor, with a pre-prepared ‘answer all’ questions response instead of a proper reply to our query – very poor! Your particular problem is best solved by phoning them on the number above.

      Match affinity is managed by Meetic, as are (uk) and, and most likely to use a common ‘help desk’ team, so expect a similar standard of customer service across all three, although match affinity is the only one to drop the 24/7 availablity.

      Dating Savvy

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