Free Communication Weekend

Interested in using a free communication weekend for online dating? They are frequently used by some of the biggest dating sites and are an excellent way to dip your whole foot right into the world of subscription internet dating. You get full ( or near full ) functionality for an entire weekend. More information on specific sites is given at the end of this article.

The next free communication weekend

next free weekend alert

As soon as the next free weekend is announced, Fred ( pictured ) will take a break from browsing dating profiles to ensure an alert is displayed in a prominent place on the site. Currently active free communication events are displayed below. Recent previous free weekends are also displayed (lined through) showing you who offers them and how frequent they are.

Here to stay?

Free communication weekends are quite common and crop up every couple of months on different sites. These events occasionally have extended runs, for a week or even a month. Adverts usually appear on TV & the web in the week preceding the event. They seem fairly popular and we have noticed a definite marked increase in activity during these promotional weekends. The dating sites seem to do well in new registrations too, so the free weekend looks like it’s here to stay.

In late 2012, also started short notice free communication ‘half’ days running from 3pm till midnight where members are only notified on the day! It’s too early to tell how customers will react to this ‘offer’ – although it clearly doesn’t offer enough time to complete the usual guided communication process without simply rushing through it.

Getting ready for the weekend

Keep an eye out for the free communication weekends, and make sure you are familiar with the site. Make sure you complete your profile at least a few days before the weekend in question. This will give time to get the all important photos and profile text authorised by the dating site team. Whilst you are waiting for authorisation, search the site for any members you might be interested in contacting. If the photo is particularly important to you and you can’t view it yet ( and the site shows a hidden or blurred picture rather than a ‘this user has no photo’ message ) then mark the user as a favourite ( using the site’s favourite feature, or a piece of paper! ).

You might also want to prepare any messages for them in advance. It doesn’t hurt to mention the free weekend and that you look forward to a speedy reply! Either way it’s important to contact them early to give them time to reply within the free weekend window. Be clear in your own mind that this is only for the weekend – and unless you have generated multiple interests that you are prepared to subscribe for, it all ends after the weekend. If you start chatting to someone you like, you may be left in a position where you have to swap contact details before the end of the weekend, or else you will both have to join or wait until the next free weekend to continue communicating – so bear this in mind.

As soon as you have full access, check any photos for your favourite profiles and send any prepared messages. Next use any advanced search features that were not available before to look again for suitable matches.

At the end of the weekend, if you found it useful, you can choose to leave your profile on the site. Some sites allow you to hide your profile, where you can dust it off again at the next free communication weekend!

The sites


Communication is normally limited to ‘guided communication’ which means you follow their four step communication process starting with an ‘ice breaker’ and ending with open questions. This differs slightly for subscribers who are able to ‘skip to email’ if they so wish. Subscribers cannot use ‘skip to email’ when communicating with non-subscribers. Note that as a non-subscriber, you can never view photos, even if it’s a free weekend! Subscribers however can see all photos including those of non-subscribers. If you are already registered ( but not subscribed ) they will inform you by email of upcoming free weekend events. Get up to speed quickly with the eHarmony review. (USA) is a compatibility matching site, and can be described as’s answer to eHarmony. All matches are provided for you, so you are only able to browse through the compatible matches delivered to you. The personality test is designed by Dr. Helen Fisher (Chief Scientific Adviser to and has reportedly been taken by over 8 million people worldwide.

match affinity (UK)

Match affinity is another compatibility matching site for the UK and effectively competes against It gets a fair amount of interest due to cross promotion from its primary site

Get savvy with the match affinity review.

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