eHarmony UK Free Weekend

eHarmony UK are running their next free communication weekend from the 15th Feb to the 18th Feb. Check out our free communication weekend article then head over to eHarmony UK to complete the personality questionnaire before getting your profile ready for action! If you think you need some help there too, see the dating profile advice page.

eHarmony USA & Canada Free Weekend

Happy New Year to you all! eHarmony USA & Canada are offering free communication between Jan 3rd and Jan 8th 2013. Six free days in a row is a great opportunity to get a proper feel for the service that eHarmony provides. That said, it’s always best to get started early on these as the ‘skip to email’ option is disabled for non-paying members! This means getting to know your new matches slowly but surely via a selection of carefully designed questions; can’t rush true love though eh?

Subscription Savvy

Choose your subscription period carefully. One month is fine for a trial, but if you are satisfied with the dating site then the longer subscription periods are much better value.

image - browing dating profiles again

Thousands of people are left upset and frustrated every year when it comes to subscription payments. There are two common problems; automatic recurring payments and cancellations near the end of the subscription period. The good news is that both of these can be avoided if you know about them.

Lets deal with the latter first; the answer is more straight forward. Don’t try to cancel near the end of the subscription period! We are all familiar with payments being taken and processed instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cancellations however can take longer, and sometimes can only be dealt with during office hours and/or by phone. The method and time-scales for cancellation are normally detailed on the subscription payments page so be sure to read them before you click the buy button.

Automatic recurring payments are used by the majority of subscription dating sites. The basic idea is that whichever period or deal you selected when you first joined will be re-billed when that period or deal expires. In this way your membership never expires until you cancel. If you sign up for one month for example, the ‘one month’ subscription price ( which is the most expensive rate! ) will automatically be taken via your previous payment method in one months time. If this doesn’t suit you, then follow the site instructions to cancel the automatic recurring payments as soon as possible so you don’t forget. You can cancel a repeat dating site subscription at any time without affecting your membership for the period already paid for. Free Communication Tuesdays

Further to our previous post on eHarmony trialling free half days its about to become a regular event on a Tuesday (USA only). It will be advertised as Free Communication Tuesday(s) and will run from 3pm to midnight with daters typically receiving a reminder email Tuesday morning (as long as they haven’t opted out of marketing emails).

Dating Diary

As part of UKs ‘back in the dating game’ campaign they have recently published one members dating diary of his experiences after returning to the dating game. Here at Dating Site Savvy we think it’s a refreshing change from the usual ’5 things..’ articles we are all tired of seeing! More important is the fact it’s a true reflection of the ‘average’ users highs and lows that most of us will experience. No-body gets told this when they sign up for a dating site!

As Martin says in the third installment of his dating diary – “Dating is a time consuming and sometimes disheartening process, there‚Äôs no denying that. For people that work full-time and have active social lives, it is difficult to fit the time in to your day to dedicate to online dating.” Very true. You wont see that on the sign-up page either! Like most people he does his very best to remain positive; a prerequisite for successful online dating.

Well worth a read if you are thinking about making the first steps into the world on online dating. Just don’t be fooled by the specially selected, super attractive, highly eligible ‘users’ at the bottom of all the advice pages – hardly average users are they!

Martin Lynch’s Dating Diary on

eVow Releases Apps

eVow have recently released dating Apps for Android and iPhone. We tested the Android version and were pleasantly surprised! It’s refreshingly different from it’s parent companies App (PlentyOfFish) which we cynically expected to be the same App with eVow branding at the top! Far from it. It’s polished, with a pleasing, fresh user interface. What’s more, it didn’t crash once whilst we were testing it!

The advanced search features are excellent too which means you can filter your search results on anything you like including the important stuff like ‘wants children’ that is often missed by main stream dating web sites let alone dating apps.

image - evow mobile dating app

image - evow mobile app search page

On the Google Play download page it’s advertised as 100% free including free messaging and dating which is interesting because the main website went subscription based a long time ago now. We did notice however that over 5000 people had downloaded the Android App in the past month (compared to over one million downloads for the POF App!). With so few people (local to you!) currently having it on their phone, a major flaw in our plan to message & date for free falls flat on its face! Downloads are quickly rising though, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the App becomes useable. POF of course has immense advertising power and huge numbers of downloads will be triggered by that direct email to all POF registered daters.

On a related note, the POF App has been updated too although not much has changed visually. Android users are treated to some new context sensitive notification icons that replace the single Fish one of old although we haven’t worked out what they all mean yet! There’s also miniature main profile photos appearing in place of a boring old icon in the full notification list for meet me / messages etc. Nice!

Download the iPhone eVow app.

Download the Android eVow app. Half Day Free Trials!? appear to be offering customers short notice ‘half’ day free communication trials! How does 3pm till midnight grab you? Think you could make the most of what eHarmony has to offer in such a short space of time? Neither do we. At least we are spared the dreaded credit card page – no credit card needed! Perhaps savvy daters could use the opportunity to carry on conversations started on the previous Free Communication Weekend? Yes, cynical aren’t we! The usual rules apply – Does not include Photos, Skip to Mail, or Secure Call. Browse the eHarmony advice pages for more information on free trials and much more.